An Alliance for Urban Development Data and Software

UTSA is an initiative of Darrel Ronald from Spatiomatics. It was started out of frustration for urban development technology being stuck in a black hole between GIS and AEC domains. Neither domains solve our needs and challenges.

As of January 2021 we’ve kicked-off the initiative and brainstorming how to collaborate. This revolves around many topics, such as:

  • Geometry Core and Geometry Engines

  • Data Models and Urban Ontologies

  • Data Exchange and Collaboration

  • Databases, Data Engineering and APIs

  • Cartesian to Geodesic spatial references

  • Alogrithms

  • Data Science

On 15th April 2021 (afternoon CET) we had a ‘mini-conference’ where collaborators will present their work and needs.

We are a collection of companies, institutes, academics, designers and programmers collaborating to solve technology needs for urban development data and software.

You can join our Slack space started for our collaboration.

You can view our code on Github at UrbanTechStack.

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